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It was worth seeing.

They are doing a good job if I'm any judge. There are helpful interpretive signs all along the paths.

Here are some of the photos I took of the cypresses: Here's a closer look at the cypress tree leaves: And some new plants that have sprouted in the fallen cypress logs: They've placed a home for wood ducks: Do you see the cypress knees? The cypress trees were my favorite part of the preserve, but the woodland and meadow trails also had a lot to offer: ScenicUSA says it's "Popular among photographers, birders, and joggers".

Named after a real bar in TaiwanWhile I was gone I got a special delivery.

A brand new bar from Ragley called the Carnegie's Bar.

It'll all make sense here in a minute, just hold on.

You've heard of On One, that U. You were right as it has extended to a more satisfying level. I am not finished with my other ongoing projects but I am on to a different project. At some point you have to leave a project behind and move on. At the same time I am deleting photos AND retrieving photos of the grands.

I found it as a scanned negative.

Far Guy spent the better part of a few weeks scanning all our old negatives a few years back. KRON couldn't get any worse, could it? It could.

It could move from the inconvenient state of reality and enhance its own propaganda, like this, for instance.

And yes, everyone in the biz has an opinion or two.

Fortunately no one is falling for the fantasy. The "Back Story" charade has drawn considerable scorn and belittlement from both current and past KRONvicts. One prominent station staffer: "Just when you think we couldn't get any lower, we get lower. The circumlocutions around certain words always amaze me. If I've replaced a politically incorrect word with a third-grade talk-around have I still told you what the word was? If I say "N-word" do you have any question what the word is? Then why do supposedly mature adults go through all of that Kabuki? The scandal du jour is that Herman Cain, whom I thought was not going to get into this sort of thing, is outraged that Rick Perry's father had a hunting lease for many years which apparently had a stone on the property with the name attributed to the place, "Niggerhead".

The word was painted over at some point but exactly when was unclear.

It is also unclear whether Perry pere et fils were property owners or merely participating in what is called a hunting lease. Hunting leases are the virtually universal method of gaining land access throughout Texas for hunting of both wild-fowl and game animals. You pay a fee and get to hunt, but you are not involved with title or ownership and except in very limited circumstances aren't involved in property maintenance or modification. I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I hear how a poor mom is facing a cesarean based on the fact that her baby ‘hasn’t dropped yet’. When your doctor or midwife does a vaginal exam, they are not only checking for your dilation, and your effacement, they are also checking the station of your baby. This tells them how high or low your baby is in relationship to your pelvis. Your baby's station is measured in cm -above and below the ischial spines. If your baby's head is even with the ischial spine, then it is considered to be "zero station", and also nicely "engaged". Let's look at the following pictures: My index finger is pointing to the ischial spine! Here is a picture of the baby's head even with the ischial spine. This day that we are celebrating women, I would like to introduce you to Miss Julia. I saw her today when I was visiting the Kent District Library Wyoming Branch and had to take pictures and share with you. In one hand, Miss Julia holds a pearl leash that swoops down to her dog. The other hand holds her cane. Miss Julia is covered in jewelry from head to toe as is her dog and her cane and her cowboy boots. Jewelry from The Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and spiritual Denominations appear on Miss Julia, her dog and her cane. All the jewelry is from public donations given for the creation of this magnificent woman. For a senior citizen she sure has a waistline that I'd die for. Hello friends, Julee has a fun little sketch for us this week at Mojo Monday. We hope you are inspired and will play along with us. To play along, just make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. Then leave a link to your project using the linky widget at the bottom of this post. Please use a direct link to your Mojo post and not just your blog. Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want. As always, if you don't have a particular shape, feel free to substitute. That way there's no confusion which linky is the current one. The husbeast just paid two dollars to 'buy' a ring tone for my cell phone: The original theme song from Super Mario World. Because he knew it would make me laugh. The cost of the phone itself? Seventy-five cents. .

Pink First Communion Personalized Banner 18"x54" Horizontal Vinyl Banner
Pink First Communion Personalized Banner 18"x54" Outdoor Slit Banner
Christian Faith Banner 72"x202" Outdoor Slit Banner